Just Another Guy Who Made His Dream Come True – Xianjian

Just randomly search up songs to fuel my writing inspiration and motivation when I suddenly come across Xianjian’s songs.  Xianjian (believe this is a stage name that started out as an online alias), formally known as Tan Haibo, is one of those singers who has finally gotten his lucky break by posting one of his original songs online in this new era of social media (where everyone and anyone can be a star if he just puts his mind to it).  Most of his songs are soothing ballads that talks about….”love” *rolls eyes* (sorry, just have to).  Well, it’s kinda expected given that he is only 23 years old (turning 24 very soon, on August 17th).  Another observation worth stating is that like most of the “artsy” young Chinese singers these days (especially those who compose their own music), he tends to fuzz out his pronunciation quite a bit when he sings.  It’s an “interesting” trend, and I especially notice this occurring a lot amongst the young Cantonese singers of today.  *rolls eyes again*   Anyways, despite all the eye rolling, Xianjian’s music is definitely worth a listen.

最后是我开了口 (Finally, I Spoke Up)  –  the song that him his lucky break in 2008.  I’m pretty sure this is not the original mv because I recognize the Japanese actors.  However, can’t seem to find the original, so this will do.

当我唱起这首歌 (When I Sing This Song) – Featuring another singer who also has an online alias as stage name, Xingdi.  Oh, this is not the original mv…the original mv has too much “drama acting” & too much ocean wave sound in the beginning. 

我好想你,這一秒 (I Really Miss You, This Second) – don’t be shy, sing with the lyrics if you know Chinese.  ^^

不知不覺 (Unconsciously)  – If you’re curious about how this talented singer looks like…he just looks very artsy.  Love the piano playing at the beginning and throughout this piece.

That’s all for now.  If you like his music and want to find out more, then make Google and YouTube your best buds now.


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