Li Yifeng’s New Movie – “Forever Young” – Just a Brief Review

Since I’ve been throwing clues here and there these days (at AFF) that my latest obsession is Li Yifeng, it shouldn’t really be a surprise that I write another post about him again so soon (again, at AFF).  I’ll eventually write out a full tribute post about him when my mind is a little more sane — or insane, either way is fine, just not borderline like now @__@.

I have recently watched his latest movie, Forever Young (directed by He Jiong – one of the top variety show hosts in China as well as a teacher in the Arabic language), and let’s be honest here, Li Yifeng is not exactly the greatest actor (decent, but not great like Song Joongki…well, I’ll cut him some slacks since he is originally a singer).  So, I’ve initially decided to give this movie a try simply because he is an eye-candy (well, also because the plot-line seems somewhat interesting).  

He Jiong’s directorial debut starring Li Yifeng, Zhang Huiwen, and a bunch of eye-candies.

A brief summary of the movie (my rough Chinese translation):  Xu Nuo (played by Li Yifeng…lol the name sounds like the word, “promise”) and Yan Qi (played by Zhang Huiwen — who resembles Liu Yifei a lot for some angles) is an enviable couple at school.  The two work hard to achieve their dreams — Xu Nuo wants to eventually get sign on with a music label with his band and Yan Qi wants to go to Paris for ballet school.  However, a lot of unexpected events happen in the way of Yan Qi’s dream, and so her boyfriend, Xu Nuo, decides to prepare a surprise with his friends for her in order to cheer up her and remind her to never give up her dream.  The surprise comes with a high price…

Genres: School, coming-of-age/youth, romance, comedy, friendship

Personally, I think the movie is good, but nothing spectacular (and might even easily be forgotten after a while).  A lot of eye-candies in this movie, but the acting…it’s decent, but nothing that really makes me “WOW”…though, I think Zhang Huiwen (the actress playing Yan Qi) has a lot of potential and plus she’s cute, so her future should be bright.  However, I really like some of the sound tracks in this movie — they’re easy-listens and quite inspirational.  In general, it’s not a complete waste of an afternoon to watch it.

While everything is kinda meh to decent so far, my biggest complaint about this movie is the unstable camera technique throughout the movie.  It actually caused me motion sickness.  Seriously.  @____@

Oh yea, 2PM’s Nichkhun’s useless cameo is at the end of the movie.  Warning:  Don’t blink your eyes!  You might miss it!

Li Yifeng and Zhang Huiwen (the Liu Yifei look-alike…sorry, can’t unsee this).

Damn it! I actually watched this for you, pretty boy! >< (well, on the bright side, this movie is still way better than Prince of Tennis, the Chinese live-drama version.)


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