Lee Jung Hee Case – A Scam?

I think as a blogger, or a “person who provides information to the mass” (nope, doesn’t necessary have to be a journalist) in general, I try to maintain impartiality on serious posts despite of my actual stance on the issues (which to be frank, I really don’t have a stance for this Lee Jung Hee case, since my intention from the start is just to make sure that the truth will be revealed and that justice will be served).

Anyways, SBS (one of the big TV stations in South Korea) has recently decided to make a documentary out of this case and thus, investigated this case along with the help of the police.  Apparently, Lee Jung Hee might have exaggerated her plead.  Read the news (& the comments) here:

1. [Breaking] Lee Jung Hee rape scandal revealed to be massive scam?

2. Lee Jung Hee scandal revealed to be a scam

After this was revealed, a lot of people started to say stuff like (of course, without a doubt):  “I told you so!” or “I’m so glad I didn’t join in this”.  And also, of course, a lot of people who have been supporting this mass social media movement #HelpLeeJungHee are now having “mixed, complicated feelings about this whole issue” (in fact, some even feel a sense of betrayal).

Honestly though, I believe these two groups (the “I told you so” group & the “sooo betrayed” group) have forgotten the original purpose of this mass social media movement in the first place, which is to make sure that this case will get a chance to be heard through a fair trial under the current justice system (aka “rather be a fool than to turn a blind eye on justice”).

Anyways, shitstorms about this case will probably continue in the coming days as the official verdict is not out yet.  Regardless what the outcome of this case might turn out to be, I just hope that people won’t turn a blind eye on these kind of news in the future just because they “don’t want to be made fun of for the second time”.

Back-links to my previous posts with regards to this case so that readers would have a fuller picture:

1. Help Lee Jung Hee

2. Justice Served!


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