Remember all the efforts that I have made to reconnect with a close but VERY “anti-social media” friend (That Kawaii Friend) a few months ago?  Well, I’m happy to announce that the reconnection is a total success!!  ^^  Of course, it’s undeniable that luck has played a big part in this as she’s not really a social media person (and I’ve been just a tiny bit better than her on this regards previously, and now slowly improving…though, not really sure if this is a good thing or not @___@).

When we met up in person today for the first time again (in only God knows how many years), there wasn’t any awkwardness at all.  In fact, we talked as we always did back then with each other (and we even still texted each other with the same level of weirdness and nonsense).  It seemed almost nothing changed, except for our more “polished” appearance, as we shared about the latest anime we watched and as our eyes marvelled across the menu indecisively (choosing food dishes is always tough because we’re both big foodies).  Needless to say, we caught up a lot (in fact, that’s why I forgot to take pictures of the various amazing food dishes we ordered at Aotoya Japanese Restaurant! O___O Too much talking apparently).  And now that we’re back in each other’s life again (no homo), there’s no doubt on my mind that our lives will be filled with unexpected comical adventures (because both of us are quite the klutz -___-“).

Bonus Chapter:  A Elaborate Phone Prank?

That Kawaii Friend and I reconnected on LinkedIn just around a week ago, exchanged our phone numbers, and decided to meet up today.  We didn’t bother to send text message to each other at all and just continued to spam each other’s LinkedIn mailbox (heh, I guess it’s because we thought that texting would kill our fingers or something -___-“).  Anyways, just before we met, I sent her a text with the number she gave me.  Then, a short while later, she texted me back…but with a totally different number!  O__o  Confused, I texted back and asked if this unexpected number was really hers.  Her answer was affirmative.  I was like “okay…so maybe she gave me wrong phone number previously.”  I thought nothing of it and just told her that I have probably texted a complete stranger a while ago.  Well, about an hour into our meeting, the “stranger” texted back asking, “Who are you?”…which was kind of weird, because a stranger usually wouldn’t text back if it was the wrong number, and a stranger would definitely not text back the question, “Who are you?” if it seemed to be the wrong number.  Finding it odd, I asked That Kawaii Friend what was her number again.  Interestingly enough, she confidently recited the number of the stranger.  Raising my eyebrow, I jokingly asked if she had two phone or something and then, showed her the text message from the stranger.  Horror struck her face when she saw the number.  So, what did she see?  The girl from The Ring?  Or maybe, she saw her doppelgänger?

Here’s the slightly modified & somewhat “animated” transcript & chain of text messages for you to find out:

Me to Number A:  That Kawaii Friend~~!!  =D  Just in case you forgot to jog down my number.

*About 10 minutes later…

Number B to Me:  Hi Mei this is That Kawaii Friend=D=D  I just left from work (sorry running late) Will text again when closer

Me to Number B:  No problem~er…BTW, is this your number?  cuz I think I just texted to a total stranger earlier.  =_=”

Number B to Me:  Yes!

Number B to Me:  I’ll be there in 10-15 min

Me to Number B:  Ok, walking there now.

Number B to Me:  Oops stranger O__O  did the person reply?

Me to Number B:  Thankfully not!  Phew…

Number B to Me:  =P  you never know, not yet

*Finally met at the restaurant.  Catching up and eating until I suddenly received a text message…

Number A to Me:  Who are you?

*I was like O__o so, I asked That Kawaii Friend her number and she answered confidently with an innocent smile on her face.  Finding the whole thing strange, I showed her the text message, particularly brought her attention to the phone number on the top corner of the screen.

That Kawaii Friend:  O__o Hm….O___O””!  I think that’s my boyfriend’s number!  No wonder the number seems to stuck with me…Oh, so what’s my number that shows up on your phone?

Me: O___O”  You don’t know your own number?!  –>  =___=”  Ah…you don’t know your own number…Should I just tell your boyfriend that I’m your “other guy”?

That Kawaii Friend:  ^^””  –>  T___T

Me to Number A:  Ask your gf…LOL

That Kawaii Friend:  Continued  ^^””  –>  T___T

I can’t even…


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