Love is…

Taking a breather from the LSAT prep and life’s mundane activities in general and picking up on where I have left off in my writing last time, I suddenly recalled my writer’s block with regards to the definition of “first love” (and I supposed “true love” too).  More specifically, I recalled a specific definition that I wished I could have flushed it away down the drain because it burned my eyes for an unnecessary long while.

Honestly, I did debate on whether I should revisit this topic because I might offend this gentleman who had kindly offered this “specific definition”…but then, I thought, “oh, what the heck.”  He’s probably far too busy to pay this blog a visit any time soon.  Yes, I know.  Extremely positive thinking for my own convenience.

He wrote, with regards to first love (but maybe he was talking about true love in general), something along the line, “it is an indescribable feeling…but one that you would innately know.”  As my eyes breezed across these words, my fingers curled up and my teeth clenched in an “indescribable” pain at the cheesiness of his explanation.  Of course, to be perfectly fair, I was asking for it when I decided to bug people with this writer’s block (and to top it off with the fact that I really am not a romantic person in general).

Nevertheless, his response was still far more sane and reasonable than “a cotton candy kiss”.  @___@  In fact, he is a brilliant and interesting person in general.  Saving myself?  Sure, maybe just a little…but seriously, he is quite brilliant and interesting.

Anyways, this is actually NOT a rant about how lethal cheesy stuff can be.  Instead, this is a time-travel post…

If I could travel back to that one moment when I first read those cheesy words, I would challenge his notion that “love is an indescribable feeling” and go on to explain my position instead of keeping silence because I was afraid that I might offend him or because I secretly knew that he really didn’t care what I think in the first place (aka “so why bother?”).

I should have responded back, “Nope, you’re wrong…and you’re damn cheesy as hell.”

Then, I would proceed with this twisty little philosophy that should make some sense, “Love is innate for the majority of us, but it is certainly not indescribable.  If it can be named, then it is never really indescribable.  The word, ‘indescribable’, is merely a place-holder…similar to the function of a place-holder in the world of mathematics in a sense.  Yep, ‘indescribable’ is just a freakin’ place-holder.”

Then, I would go further, “If there are scientific evidences out there with regards to love, then it is certainly not indescribable.”

Finally, I would tell him exactly what first love is (aka my definition of first love):

“Love is a state of accentuated emotions.

Whereas hunger and thirst are surviving, love is living.

Love is alive beyond living.

Love is life itself.

Love is positive motivation.

Because love is life, it can resemble a roller-coaster ride.”

I would even summarize my argument in this pretentious way:

“Love is never indescribable because there are gazillions of words to describe what love is…because love encompasses of all essence of life.”

Bonus Chapter:  What is Love?

When I was in high school, my brother told me of this story of a motorcyclist who gave his helmet to save his girlfriend at the cost of his own life when the brakes of the bike were not working.  It’s a famous “legend” that can be found all over the internet.  So why the f**k did he tell me this story?  It was for this to happen:

Brother dearest:  Sis, what is love?

Me: Er…*dumb, blank face*

Brother dearest:  Come on, sis.  I’ve already told you this before.

Me: Er…the motorcycle dude…? *grinned stupidly*

Brother dearest:  Exactly. *a smug look*

Now that I think back, he did this kind of things a lot during our childhood…was he trying to train me like…a pet?




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