The Love Cycle of a Ridiculous 20-Something

The love cycle of a particularly ridiculous 20-something.  Just need to get this out of the system so that I can finally study in peace, at least for the next couple of days…aka “Operation: Saving Rationality”.

Stage One:  Fall in love ridiculously fast like an idiot.  Yes, I chose this particular video, so that you may sing along with it. 🙂  – I Can’t Help Falling in Love with You.

Stage Two:  Playing around with ambiguity either unintentionally or intentionally (seriously, ask yourself, which one are you?)…early stage of dating and getting to know each other.  Not sure to move forward or not?  Again, you may sing along to the lyrics.  Who knows? You might just become the next big shot in the music industry.  – Dance with Me Tonight.

Stage Three:  If you are lucky enough to make it pass stage two, then congrats, it seems the love is mutual. ^^ – You Got Me.

Stage Four:  Things did not work out?  Don’t worry, you’re not alone.  Or, if you seem to have skipped stage three and fallen directly onto this stage, don’t worry, you’re never alone either.  Now, let’s sing your broken heart out.  Oh yea, go Google up the lyrics for this one instead, because apparently there are a lot of Sam Smith wannabes for most of the lyric versions found on YouTube.  – I’m Not the Only One.

Stage Five:  Finally got over your heartbreak?  Good.  Well, start anticipating with hope in your starry eyes once more.  Yes, let the cycle begin all over again.  Let’s sing along with the lyrics again.  ^^  – A Way Back Into Love.

Phew, feel much better.  Time to really hit the books.


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