Steamed Ginger Egg Custard with Sticky Rice Wine

So many post (& story) ideas, but so little time…especially as I’m currently in the transition of turning into an “LSAT snob” (aka slowly becoming more “rational” than “whimsical”).  Since my writing & fanfic brainwashing plans have to be set a side for a while (until I finish preparing for the LSAT for a sufficient amount of time), other less time consuming but creative activities will have to substitute for a while to make sure my mind is still sane and intact.  XD

So yes, I decided food experiment is one of those less time consuming activities.

Without further ado, here’s my latest food experiment from last night:

Ginger Egg Custard with Sticky Rice Wine

Steamed Ginger Egg Custard with Sticky Rice Wine – a late night dessert.  It’s mildly sweet, but recipe can be adjusted for those with an insane sweet tooth (really, just need to add more brown sugar & more rice wine).  It’s a nice combination of fire & ice (the egg custard is hot while the rice wine is cold).  The taste is better than vanilla ice cream. O___O


1) Typically one egg per serving

2) Milk, the ratio between egg & milk should be about 1:2 (or estimate it)

3) Brown sugar…INSTEAD of white sugar.  It’s more healthy this way.  Amount?  Freestyle it to your taste.  Okay, maybe around 2 spoonfuls.

4) Ginger juice or grate up a piece of ginger root.  Er…freestyle it!  Or, maybe about 2 spoonfuls of ginger juice (aka about a quarter cup of grated ginger root).

5) Room-temp or cold sticky rice wine (go to an Asian store for this…T&T or PriceSmart for example for those live in the Greater Vancouver Area…or if you can make your own, even better). FYI, sticky rice wine is usually sweet (at least I haven’t come across a non-sweet one yet…but then again, I wouldn’t want it anyways if I do come across it).


a) Mix #1-4 from the ingredient list.

b) Steam the mix for about 15 minutes or so (honestly, I tend to just go “freestyle” in the kitchen)

c) Pour some sticky rice wine over the finished steamed product and eat 😀


Just when I thought I have successfully come up with a modified version of the traditional Steamed Ginger Egg Custard, my mommy dearest told me that I have apparently “rediscovered” a thousand-years old Chinese recipe.  Apparently, our Chinese ancestors tended to use brown sugar instead of white sugar in the past for egg custard recipe and also coincidently, liked to eat it with sticky rice wine because they thought it was better for the health this way (a cheap alternative to some health-nourishing medicines too).  So essentially, mommy dearest told me that I think like an old granny.  WTF? =___=”

"Brain food" for LSAT prep - milk & dried blueberry.

“Brain food” for LSAT prep – milk & dried blueberries.  LSAT, how I love thee.

*Forgot about the ginger when I posted up this initially. T___T


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