A Writer’s Observation

Have any of you ever been labelled as “creepy” or “a psychic guru” just because you have pointed out something that, apparently, other people saw as “inaccessible” information?  Then, after you pointed it out, in an “as matter of fact” manner, people’s reactions are divided between in awe, in fear, or in totally disgusted mode of your “superpower”?

Well, I have and it was certainly a bothersome experience…so bothersome that sometimes I didn’t even bother to explain if they happened to be afraid of questioning me (but instead, “righteously” proceed to assume wrongly about me).  Then as I grew older, I learned to enjoy their reactions (because like most youngsters, I had went through my share of the “attention-seeking” phase).  Then, I grew older yet again but this time, I realized that it would not benefit me one bit if others didn’t think I fit in with the norm (at least to a certain extent).  And thus, I learned to keep my mouth shut and pretended that I didn’t notice, even though the facts were painfully obvious to me.  For example, I have a high accuracy rate of knowing if a person is lying, even if the person claims to be a good liar.  Which unwittingly brings me to this:  good liars, bad liars, and people who simply love to lie, please spare me because I don’t want to fake a smile to entertain you for too long (it can get cringe-worthy, you know >.>).  Of course, no matter how a good a ninja is, something would always slip through the cracks.

So what was this “superpower” that got people in awe and in fear of me (and ended up thinking that I’m freakin’ psychic for the majority of the time @___@)?  The name of this power is called “observation”…more precisely, “a writer’s observation”.

As a child, I was more reserved and quiet than others.  I was so quiet that I became invisible, but perhaps it was blessing in disguise because I had more time than others to simply observe people and things around me.  For example, I am able to predict accurately if the next day is going to rain or snow because I have observed the sky long enough.  As I grew up, I could easily predict the words, actions, and intentions of almost anyone more accurately and faster than my peers and even the majority of the “grown ups” because I was just an outsider looking in.  I would often able to predict events before they happen and when they did happen, I tried to look as surprised as everyone else in case they might mistaken me as a robot.

Then shits happened.  I have encountered several people in my life (thus far) who have either thought that I was psychic or a stalker (?!) simply because I accidentally let a few interesting observations slipped from my lips. T____T  People, in general, tend to think that they’re the main characters of their own stories (rightly so, because it is actually quite sad to think you’re just a side character in your own story), so of course they tend to think within their parameter a lot and thus might neglect a few details of others outside of that parameter, especially if it would not serve any particular purposes.  Unfortunately, for a habitual observer (with a “great” memory for all things trivial >.>) such as myself, details don’t really escape me as easily.  Except for typos…they escape me all the time.

A writer’s observation…it can be a blessing or a curse.  It is a blessing because it helps with writing and avoiding dangers in general.  However, it can be a curse because you might want to say something that is painfully obvious to you (but not others), and yet you have to suppress the urge because it can get bothersome.  For example, people would question you, “how did you know?” with a shocked expression on their faces.  In a murder game, they might just pin you up as the prime suspect because you seem to know a little too much (but mainly because you got loose lips).

Ha, if I really am psychic, I will just buy the winning lottery numbers and call it a day. 


9 thoughts on “A Writer’s Observation

  1. I was a professional mentalist before (it’s a branch of magic that focused on things like psychic demonstrations, clairvoyance and things like that. So, I am very used with those kinds of reactions from people. Hell, their reactions are far greater than when I’m performing magic tricks. In magic, people know that there is some kind of “trick” even if they don’t know how the trick works.

    However, in mentalism, the audience don’t have any idea what on earth was happening haha…

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    • seriously? you were a professional mentalist, magician, even dabbled in the accounting field before, and of course, you’re a funny math blogger…are you the jack of all trades? XD

      anyways, as a professional mentalist, getting these kinds of reactions certainly mean that you’re successful. Me, as an ordinary person on the other hand, have to remind myself regularly to create more appropriate expressions on my face (aka not being a poker face) just so others wouldn’t suspect that I’m a robot. lol XD

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