G-Friend Should Do More Cover Songs from the 90s British Pop Groups

I thought I would make a post some other time because I want to focus on my writings, but then I have to come across IATFB’s post over at AsianJunkie with regards to G-Friend’s covered performance of S Club 7’s Bring It All Back.

His prediction about 20-something bloggers would worship them after this cover song is absolutely reasonable…because I’ll become one of those bloggers very soon if G-Friend continues to walk down the path of “renewing the old” route (preferably renew the 90s because 90s pop music simply works the best with G-Friend’s innocent girlfriend/school girl image) .  In fact, they might even replace my love for Apink eventually.  Okay, maybe not completely because I still like Apink’s visuals better, as vain as I might sound.

Yep, this is a complete fan post from moi.



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