Fanfic Interview Series – cuteismysterious, the Fantasy K-Drama Writer

Woohoo!  The Fanfic Interview Series is back and this time I have interviewed cuteismysterious, one of the most imaginative and fast-improving writers that I have the fortune to encounter.  Most of her fanfic stories (EXO’s Byun Baekhyun being her ultimate bias ^^) have the kind of fantasy-romance vibe that one could easily identify with K-Dramas such as Secret Garden, My Girlfriend is a Nine-Tail Fox, and etc.  In fact, I often feel as though I’m watching a drama whenever I read one of her stories.  Besides her story-telling skills, the factor that has wowed me enough to “pester” her with an interview is her strong determination to improve herself as a writer.  In just a few short months, her command of the English language and grammar has improved tremendously.  Oxymoron, is a good example of how far she has come as a writer since her earlier works.

Anyways, without further ado, here’s the interview [CU = cuteismysterious; CA = CapriquariusMei]:

CA:  I noticed quite a few stories of yours tend to have some sort of supernatural elements involved.  However, these supernatural elements are not the typical vampires/werewolves/witches/whatnots that one might find on TV and popular books.  So, what’s your inspiration (how did you come up with these ideas)?

*A good example is Sasaeng’s Pen.*

CU:  These supernatural elements came to me naturally.  Up until now, I have yet to write a story without any death or supernatural element involved in it.  One of my inspirations is *ahem* my long-time unrequited love, who has unfortunately moved to Canada just before we entered high school.  A part of his personality makes me think of supernatural elements of creatures such as devils, spirits, zombies, and etc.  Also probably because of my obsession with movies and creations of work like Warm Bodies, Orange Marmalade, and etc.

CA:  How do you usually start out your stories?  For example, do you start out with a theme, a plot, or a character sketch first?

CU:  Starting out my story, well, I have developed an organized way of writing just last year.  I would start out from an inspiration, hold that onto a piece of paper, work my way to the climax and resolution through logic.  I have a certain guide for characters and etc.  And all this planning is contained in an MS Docs so I don’t get lost later.

CA:  So you’re more a planner than a “last-minute winger” when it comes writing?  Does this writing habit reflect the offline you in any way?

CU:  No, it does not represent the offline me in any way.  I log it whenever I want and wherever I feel so.  To check some notifications, I guess.

*aka cuteismysterious is more of a spontaneous person offline*

CA:  Based on most of your stories, it’s quite obvious that Baekhyun (from EXO) is your ultimate bias.  So, I’m just curious, why is he your bias?

CU:  Well, actually, Baekhyun is my bias because of one thing, he possesses this aura that not most SM artists possess.  He has a sense of freedom and is fearless. He is reckless and cares about the fans unlike other artists who seem like robots to me.  Although, Baekhyun was involved with a pre-debut under-age drinking incident and had made incoherent comments such as, “you autistic people,” I still love him.  And even though he dates Taeyeon after he promises that he will date only when he reaches the age of 35 (lol)!

Exo's Baekhyun...cuteismyterious's bias.

Exo’s Baekhyun…cuteismyterious’s bias.

CA: Do you have any plans to publish a real novel someday and join the ranks with other published writers?

CU: I have plans (for an English novel).  However, I would have to work it after I finish my Filipino Novel, which I will send it to a publishing company soon and just…hope for the best.

CA:  First of all, early congratulations to you! I wish your Filipino novel a big success! Meanwhile, would you mind sharing anything with regards to this Filipino novel?

CU: Oh, the novel is virtually posted online, actually, on Wattpad.

My Mysophobic Boyfriend – Summary:

“A young woman is the secretary of a CEO of an international company.  When the CEO’s wife has become buried with a sickness, he undergoes depression and asks his only son to take care of the company. The son becomes the new CEO and eventually crosses path with this secretary, of whom finds him annoying because of his incurable phobia, mysophobia — fear of germs, contamination and dirt.”

CA:  Finally, what or who got you involved in the fanfic community in the first place?

CU: Well, I can say that it must be Dara and GDragon.  I was surfing the net with a tag ‘Dara and GD kissed’ and it brought me to a fanfic.  From that day on, I learned ways on how to improve my grammar and my writing skills, which was not hard considering I was already a writer for my school.

CA:  All I can say is that you’re one amazing writer, because I have rarely seen anyone improve so much in just a span of a few short months. I hope you’ll continue to produce more amazing work for the readers in the future!

CU:  Oh, why, thank you! I learned English quite a lot these days. That must be why.

After the interview, I have the impression that cuteismyterious is a hard-working young writer with a great passion to make her dream come true one step at a time.  I wish her great success with all her future work and never to forget the fun of writing.  And those people that understand the Filipino language, please check out her novel.  ^^


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