My Eventful Journey to Reconnect with a Friend

I’ve been trying to reconnect with a dear friend of mine (let’s just call her That Kawaii Friend) of whom I have lost touch with since a few years ago when she had to move to China to work at one of the big four accounting firms there.  When she first landed in Beijing, we were still able to talk to each other over emails using hotmail accounts.  Unfortunately, hotmail is pretty much dead these days and I don’t even have a hotmail account anymore (and she couldn’t receive emails from my gmail account either because China simply loathed gmail accounts).  Of course, we could have still contact each other over phone…but I didn’t have her phone number from China because she had just been starting to settle in Beijing (and she told me that the rent was hella expensive there) and I highly believed that she had lost my phone number along with the phone numbers of her other few dozens of friends (conclusion, especially after my journey to hunt her down thus far).

Fortunately, I was able to reconnect with her one year later through weibo (Chinese version of twitter)…until I lost my weibo account info and of course, we both became hectic busy with school, work, and life in general.

Skipping to the present time, I have recently reactivated some of my social media accounts (ie. weibo — found the lost info recently and Linkedin) in hope to reconnect with her.  And so, my journey to hunt her down begins in the following order:

1) Weibo – immediately after I reactivated my account, I realized that her weibo account seemed to be inactive since February 2014.  I have sent her a private message anyhow in case she still logs in from time to time.

2) I filtered through my email inbox to find her email accounts, but only her dead hotmail account and useless school email account were still there.  Sent emails to those accounts anyways in case she still uses them (or able to use them).

3) I did a google search of her name along with certain qualifications that only people who know her would know and I was completely ecstatic when I found her on Linkedin.  I created a Linkedin account right away.  However, much too soon to burst my bubbles, I realized that her last update was back in August 2014.  But hey, at least I reconnected with a couple of my previous bosses and managers.  Anyways, I tried to send her a message there too.

4) I went back to weibo and began to bug her weibo connections about her.  One of her connections told me that he too had been trying to catch up with her.  He tried to bing/call her several times, but received no response from her.  His last weibo connection with her was back in 2014.  I’m currently waiting for her other connections to bring some good news of her whereabouts.

5) Due to some personal reasons, I have been away from the Facebook scene for a long, long time (well, I usually text/call my friends anyways, never was that big on the social media thing)…but I have reactivated my Facebook account because of this blog.  Anyways, I didn’t send her a Facebook message as the first task on my journey to reconnect with her because I knew she never really go on Facebook anyways (in fact, she pretty much stopped using it back in 2012).  However, for some odd reasons, it didn’t came across my mind that I could have messaged her connections to find out her whereabouts.  And so, the horror of Facebook begins.

The Horror of Facebook

After I messaged ONLY three of her connections with regards to her current whereabouts, Facebook decided to label me as a potential spammer and scammer…and thus, locked my Facebook account.

Facebook thinks I'm playing a dangerous game.

Facebook thinks I’m playing a dangerous game here…

...When all I ever wanted to do was to reconnect with one of my dear friends from university.

…When all I ever wanted to do was to reconnect with one of my dear friends from university.

Just followed all the steps and currently waiting for a reply from Facebook. T___T

Just followed all the steps and currently waiting for a reply from Facebook. T___T

Haha…the length that I have taken to try to reconnect with her (and still no result thus far).  T___T  Some of you might wonder why I would go so far just to see her again.  Well, she was one of those friends that I never felt as though I would need to put up any walls and that I can simply be myself without offending anyone.  In my memory, she was always genuine, honest, blunt (haha…just in front of her friends though), insanely smart, caring, and had a great sense of humour (one that I wouldn’t mind sharing offensive jokes with once in a while).  I, on the other hand, have always been a bit lazy with keeping up with my friends at times (usually they contact me first because I’m too lazy to pick up the phone haha…I am very thankful that my friends still remember me XD), but true friends would know that I actually don’t mind going at great lengths just for them.  Yes, believe it or not, I’m actually one of those sentimental people when it comes to friendships;  I might not talk to my friends all the time (and I even might seem to disappear from the face of the Earth at times), but once I see someone as my friend (and I admit that I do have some insanely high standards for someone to be called as my friend), then he/she is pretty much my friend for life until he/she decides to sever the relationship.

*Calling out Food Critic, I know you’re looking for something to ease your boredom…but didn’t realize that my rare sentimental nature here would make you puke, did you? 😉

Bonus Chapter – The Friend Reconnection Journey

Around a year or two ago, one of my brother’s high school friends (let’s call this friend the Thai Prince – he was an exchange student from Thailand) went on Facebook and messaged a couple of my brother’s other friends (none of which the Thai Prince actually knew of personally) just to get a hold of my brother.  My brother’s other friends have wondered why some guy from Thailand would have any beef with my brother.  Anyways, needless to say, the reconnection was successful and they are still talking to each other today.  Lucky bastard.



8 thoughts on “My Eventful Journey to Reconnect with a Friend

  1. My previous fb account was terminated because “I liked and followed too much” which is a very stupid reason… Also, everytime that I’m in China, I need to use some “creative computing” in order to access my gmail 🙂

    Btw, I hope that you will be able to reconnect with your friend somehow in the future.

    Liked by 1 person

      • I didn’t bother to make an appeal, I have heard that the fb support is a pain in the ass to deal with, so I just made a new one. I’m not using fb that much now though…


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