Same English song titles everywhere

Food Critic’s observation with regards to the East Asia music scene (actually it’s mainly J-POP and K-POP). ^^ Hm…I supposed song title copyright is not really within the East Asia culture.


I find that a lot of jpop & kpop songs like to use titles in English, whether it’s to appeal to their international audience, make them sound “cooler”, etc. However, sometimes overlaps occur so unless I look at the artist’s name as well, I have no idea which song they are referring to. Here are a few examples:

“One Love”

  • Arashi — Ah this song brings back memories~ It has the trademark uplifting quality of their earlier works, and is the theme song of “Hana Yori Dango Final”. By the way, I still refuse to watch any other country’s version of “Hana Yori Dango” after all these years haha~
  • Kahi — This version has a softer, more mature vibe to it, and is best enjoyed with Kahi’s dance performance of course.
  • Suki (ft. Kahi) — Now you see why I picked this song title? One singer can be involved in…

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