Fanfic Recommendations – March 2015

Here’s the second monthly fanfic recommendations for those who are looking for something to read to ease their boredom, looking for inspiration, and getting heavily brainwashed into the world of fanfic in general.  Again, the list is in an absolute random order:

Cheque Mate – This is a horror/mystery (more on the mystery side) story that would simply blow your mind away.  The writing style is more or less the typical police/crime story style.  However, there is a certain humour to it that sets it apart from all the other serious police/crime tone and vibe.  As it is quite common amongst most police/crime stories, interesting partnership is ensured.

Cheque Mate – the author wrote this story for a writing contest. Not sure if she won the contest, but this story totally deserves more readerships.  Rated 14+.

The Leaden Desolation – A story about an unnamed sasaeng fan.  Unlike the previous story about sasaeng that I have recommended, this particular story is not for the weak stomach.  The author has put this story under the psychological and angst genres, so anyone with common sense should expect that this is one twisty writing experiment.  After reading this story, I suspect that some readers might be confused, especially from the second half of the story onwards.  However, the author is nice enough to put up an explanation chapter at the end.  Though, I would strongly advise readers to read the story and try to form your own impression based on the author’s generous clues first before diving right into the explanation chapter.

The Leaden Desolation – a twisted story (psychological, angst) about a sasaeng (obsessed) fan.  I would say for the sake of not scaring children, this story should be rated 16+.

Oxymoron – This is a story about a devil with humanity.  Anyone who read this story might find the theme a bit similar to that of the South Korean manhwa (comic), Orange Marmalade (which by the way, there will be a live action drama based on this webtoon soon).  Well, the author did take some inspiration from the manhwa.  However, there’s a nice twist to this story that makes it to stand on its own.

Oxymoron – surprisingly, a relaxing read for an angst story. Fans of EXO’s Baekhyun might enjoy this one.

Prejudice and Pride – Don’t let this cliché-sounding title fool you, this is an amazingly well thought-out alternate universe (aka AU as most fanfic writers refer this genre as) about Ginny Weasley and Tom Riddle (Jr.).  Ginny/Tom Riddle is a bit of a guilty pleasure of mine in the world of Harry Potter fanfics.  However, guilty pleasure or not, any romance/drama/comedy lovers would definitely enjoy this story.  This is one fanfic that I have actually went back to read it a couple more times.  XD

Prejudice and Pride - an AU fanfic about Ginny Weasley and Tom Riddle Jr. is great in a lot of ways, just that there isn't much of a "story poster" culture.

Prejudice and Pride – an AU fanfic about Ginny Weasley and Tom Riddle Jr. is great in a lot of ways, just that there isn’t much of a “story poster” culture.

Wicked Philanthropy – This is a Hitsugaya/Rukia (from the anime/manga, Bleach) story recommended by…dun dun DUN…no other than the fanfic writer, Transmigratory. Those who have read my interview with her would realize that her recommendation is not much of a surprise since one of her biggest wishes is to recruit more Hitsugaya/Rukia fans.  I’m glad she recommended this story to me despite that this story is incomplete (& probably will never be completed) because it’s a nice distraction from some of the life’s worries.

Wicked Philanthropy - A romantic comedy.

Wicked Philanthropy – A romantic comedy.  Good for curing heartbreaks, despite the story’s incomplete status.

Anyways, that’s the wrap for this month’s fanfic recommendations.  Which is your favourite story for this month?  ^^


5 thoughts on “Fanfic Recommendations – March 2015

  1. I haven’t read much Bleach fanfics during the last few months since its rate of new fanfics is constantly decreasing and most of the new fanfics for Bleach are mediocre at best…

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  2. I’ve read Prejudice and Pride and yes, I agree with you! I love this story so much! It’s beautifully written and I enjoyed it very much. GinnyxTom is also my guilty pleasure and I think their relationship can be manipulated in many different beautiful ways.

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