A Drabble: The Reckless Princess

Princess Mermaid is courageous and independent, but falls in love recklessly fast.  Clumsy with her new found legs, she walks toward to the most compassionate and tolerating man she knows, thinking that he would accept her wholeheartedly despite of her flaws.

Quasimodo is that man. Without any pretense, she admires him for his intelligence and openness.  She works tirelessly to get a passing glance from him and hopes that he would acknowledge her somehow.  Day by day, the analytical mindset that she prides herself in is slowly slipping away as she experiences new forms of emotions.  Even then, a smile would still be found on her face, simply because he is by her side.  However, little does she knows, the cursed clock is slowly ticking.

Princess Mermaid has known from day one that she is not his ideal type.  Though, she believes that it is fine as long as this ideal woman never shows up.  However, this ideal woman visits town one day, much to her dismay.  Kind and innocent, Little Red Riding Hood is her name.  This innocent, hooded beauty is the perfect girl-from-next-door; she is bright and gentle, just the kind that big-hearted and humble Quasimodo likes to protect – unlike the reckless Princess Mermaid who seems so independent despite of her clumsiness at times.  Unfortunately, Quasimodo thinks too highly of Princess Mermaid this time.

She holds reason in high esteem, but her heart is still made of flesh and blood.  Somehow, the meticulous Quasimodo has forgotten that.  Or, perhaps Little Red Riding Hood is more pitiful in his eyes, having travelled alone from afar and not knowing when she will reach her destination.  On the contrary, Princess Mermaid always seems to know exactly what she wants and therefore, she would never be at a complete loss.  She starts to think that perhaps he is right, even though she knows from deep inside her heart that it is not completely true. Nevertheless, she has to learn to let go because she does not want him to dislike her; she wants the best version of herself to be locked in his mind forever.

Just as Princess Mermaid makes up her mind, her body starts to evaporate until everything blends with a quiet stir of the wind.


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