Predict to the Nearest Hour

This is actually a long overdue post ever since I have started this blog — predicting the birth time of a person by employing a combination of techniques from Western and Eastern astrologies.  The reasons why I delayed this post are:  it is a bit difficult to translate some Eastern astrology terms and it is difficult, in general, to explain the abstract concepts from the realm of astrology.  However, it seems that delays are meaningful sometimes.  Until recently, using techniques from both Western and Eastern astrologies to predict a person’s birth time to the nearest hour is just a theory in my mind.  That was until I’ve found my perfect subject (which I will refer him as the YD Gangster from now on…aka Gangster from the Young and Dangerous era).  He is the perfect subject because he is not part of my usual circle of friends (quite opposite, in fact), I only have enough information about him to conclude my first impression of him (and thank goodness it is so freakin’ easy to remember), and he has been kind enough to participate in this random experiment of mine.

Thanks to YD Gangster, my theory is now positively confirmed to some extents.  ^^  Anyways, this is how I use techniques from both Western and Eastern astrologies in order to predict a person’s birth time to the nearest hour:

1) Birth date is needed (in this format: YYYY/MM/DD)…because I’m not good enough to pinpoint the exact date and year of any individual yet.  Yes, unfortunately, this technique would only work for those who know their date of birth.

2) Place of birth is needed (I’ve got this without asking YD Gangster, since he has been quite generous with throwing clues around).  Hey, as I mentioned, I’m only trying to predict the birth time here.

3) Okay, now is where the real work begins.  I cleared my mind of the later stuff that he had told me and only focused on my first impression of him.  From that, I narrowed down to a couple of ascendants that went well with my first impression of him.  From then, it’s really just a fifty-fifty chance with the ascendant thing.

4) Working with narrowed down choices of ascendants (approximately every two hours is a different ascendant) one at a time, I moved on to make use of my Eastern astrology knowledge to pinpoint the precise hour.  One can choose one of the two methods for this step, depending his or her familiarity with the methods:  八字算命 (Bazi fortune telling) or 紫微命盘 (Ziwei birth chart).  Personally, I prefer the latter because it’s an easier transition from the traditional predictive astrology technique of the Western world.  In the Chinese astrological realm, there’s this time concept called 時辰 (Shichen).  The direct translation is basically “hour”.  However, this not actually the case as one “shichen” really equals to two hours in modern society.  Anyways, my gamble is that the Chinese “shichen” would not equate to the ascendant interval exactly…and luckily, I was right.  The universe just works in a mysterious but orderly kind of way.

For example, those people born between February 15 to 19  and between 14:00 to 15:59 would be a Gemini Rising (ascendant is Gemini).  However, there is no one exact “shichen” that would correspond to 14:00 to 15:59.  Instead, there’s a 未時 (Weishi) that’s between 13:00 to 14:59 and a 申時(Shenshi) that’s between 15:00 to 16:59.  So, as one might guess that it’s a fifty-fifty chance process again.

5) Once I have my initial guess (which should take an hour at max, even with all the slacking off in between), I just glanced through both the Western and Eastern charts to take note of some “rigid” facts instead of the very psychological based ones that can be argued in either ways.  Finally, the subject would either confirm or refute the facts.  Luckily for me, YD Gangster has confirmed about 80-90% of the facts (& most importantly, he has confirmed the “time” to the best of his knowledge).

***6) BONUS:  I could actually have predicted the birth time to the nearest (approximately) 20-30 minutes (er…I can’t count) by further using the Chinese “shichen” concept, however, I didn’t because I was too lazy and also because I believe that life is better to be left off as a little unpredictable (but real Chinese fortune tellers would probably know why I didn’t want to make the prediction too precise…as my dear mother has often warned me — and no, she’s not a fortune teller).  Anyways, here’s how one can make use of the “shichen” concept to make the prediction more precise…if I recall correctly, any one “shichen” is divided into three parts (similar to degrees of an ascendant in astrology) and each of these three parts would correspond to the situation of the subject’s parents — in one of three general ways: both parents died early, both parents are alive and well, or distance with one or both parents.

Any interested learner of astrology may email me at (or just drop a comment) if you’re confused with any of the above.

Lasty, disclaimer:  I’m really more of a researcher in the realm of astrology than an actual fortune teller, so please don’t email me about stuff like: “When will I meet my soulmate?” or “If I will become rich?”…stuff like that.  Because it’s a No, No, No.  However, you may ask me to interpret your birth chart, because I need more research subjects anyways.

No No No from A Pink.

No No No from A Pink. One would have to get by A Pink’s army of fanboys in order for me to make an attempt to answer stuff like “When will I meet my soulmate?”


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