MILD – A Thai Music Group that makes My Heart Flutter

Most of the time, I listen to random music of a specific genre on YouTube based on my writing need (ie. am I writing a dramatic story, a romcom, or slice-of-life story?).  Once in a while, I would get introduced to a musician or music group that by the time I finished writing, I realized that I could not let go of that particular musician or music group.

MILD is one of those music groups that I simply cannot turn my back on after I’ve heard their music once.  There musical style is a mix of jazz and R&B.  Overall, there is an easy-going quality to their musical style.

1) The song that totally made my heart fluttered and motivated me to research more on this band despite not knowing the language.  This song is titled “Nemesis”, solely based on Google translate. XD  Hm…when I listened to this song initially, I didn’t realize it was about the effects of cheating.

a) This was the version that caught my attention.

b) This was the version that revealed the story to me.

2) “Love Sick”

3) Based on Google translate (my best friend at the moment), this song is titled “A Good Drive”.

4) “Star”.

5) “What Happened with Them?” – Er…another song about how a man pissed off the woman?

6) Based on my research, it seems this is one of the most popular songs from the group, “Unloveable”.


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