Character Sketch Inspiration

Life is full of muses.  Even though this is the case, most writers tend to base their characters on one of their many personas or personas of their love ones.  However, there is always that one random rebel who would chose to base her “people” characters on animals such as a puppy with anxiety issues (haha…yes, my dear friend, I’m talking about you in case you might come across this).  Anyways, I usually belong to the former group and so, a lot of my characters are really a facet of myself…some obvious, some not so obvious, some even hidden deep within my subconsciousness.

Of course, me being me, I like to break patterns (once in a while and within reasons).  Instead of creating character sketches that are based on those close to me (myself included), I have started to create characters based on astrological descriptions as a fun and experimental challenge recently.

CapriquariusMei…Capriquarius…a silly combination of Capricorn and Aquarius (my sun & moon signs, respectively). Me speaking from an astrological perspective should probably come as no surprise and it was probably a matter of time (me getting out of my laziness) before I tried to hammer down astrological stuff into the everyone’s mind like that of a broken record song that would play over and over again.

The Chinese character for

The Chinese character for “face”. This ugly thing is really just a stand-in picture to make this post seems less wordy. I won’t be scanning any actual Chinese calligraphy work (that’s not digital work) any time soon, because I’m much too busy to turn on the freakin’ scanner.  Also, I just want an excuse to practice with my digital drawing pad.

By astrological descriptions, I don’t just mean the usual “sun signs” because that would be too easy, too familiar, and a bit on the unrealistic side.  After all, it’s impossible that there are only twelve types of personalities in this big, wide world.  Anyways, here’s how I might create my initial character sketch using astrology knowledge:

1) First, I would usually glance over the general descriptions of the twelve ascendants (people’s first impression of the said individual and the said individual’s usual demeanour in front of strangers and acquaintances — aka the “surface” personality).

2) To complicate things a bit (to make it more realistic and dynamic), I would check the sun-moon sign combinations.  That alone would provide 144 different types of personalities.  Noted, I did not say to check the sun & moon signs individually but to check the end product of it. Doing the former (checking sun & moon signs separately) would require a really good understanding of the general astrological concepts as well as interrelations of those concepts…and of course, ain’t nobody got time for that!  And to save interested (& experimental) writers time, click here to check out Astrology-Numerology’s detailed description of each of the 144 sun-moon combinations.

3) So the character is still not complicated (aka layered) enough for you?  No problem, just synthesize #1 & #2 above and I’m sure you would have a character that’s probably more interesting than most of the standard characters we read nowadays.  Oh yea, that’s 1,728 types of personalities for you.


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