Reasons to Continue as a Fanfic Writer

Fanfic writing is one of those activities that people would likely to look down upon as they age.  Parents and friends would often ask me why do fanfic writing when I can publish a real book and be a real author?  Well, here are my reasons:

1) To me, writing fanfics is like writing a TV series or movie script, except that the former requires more descriptions to paint the moving images inside readers’ head.  It’s as if I’m the director, creating a whole new world.

2) Once upon a time, my sociology professor asked every individual in the class about their dream career (aka “what do you want to be when you grow up?”…even though it’s a third year university course).  I told him with a big, ridiculous smile on my face, “I want to be a famous writer.”  Obviously, he raised an eyebrow at me.  So, I explained to him that I know there are many writers out there, but only a few selective ones can make enough dough to make a good living…and of course, these few selective writers are obviously famous.  Yes, I don’t want to be a starving artist.  That’s just not my style.

Pretty much my sociology prof's expression whenever I was being ridiculous in class. XD

Pretty much my sociology prof’s expression whenever I was being ridiculous in class. XD

3) I have trouble attaching monetary value to my writing and creativity in general.  As soon as I’m attaching monetary to my creative work, I feel as though I’m setting limits for myself.  You know, limits such as to please others so that my work would sell.  Of course, I don’t need any wise guy to tell me that’s a ridiculous way to think.  I know, but I like being ridiculous at times.

Of course, this is not to say that I will never become a “real published author”.  In fact, I know for sure that I will publish something someday within this lifetime.  It’s just that, for now, fanfic writing seems the best way to keep me sane.  So, family and friends, please buzz off (I’ll just promise that I’ll get myself a decent paying “day” job).



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