Unexpectedness – An Example of Chinese Creativity Under Constraints

If I haven’t made use of my precious time to fangirl about the TFBoys, I would have never know about Unexpectedness (rough translation…original text is 萬萬沒想到 – “Wan Wan Mei Xiang Dao”) , a Chinese web-based comedy (& parody).  The limit on freedom of speech in China is no news to anyone who’s not living under a rock.  Compared to other more open-minded nations, the creative workers of China encounter more obstacles and walls to climb over than necessary even when they are only intending to make something simple without any political meanings attached.  However, it is precisely due to this atmosphere of scarce resources and unimaginable amount of rules to consider that the creative workers are forced to think and work smarter – finding breathing room within a confined space.  The creative workers of China usually end up walking on a very fine thread tied on the edges of two sky-high rooftops.  Perhaps the saying, “high risk, high rewards”, does ring true because the results of the risks they have taken, thus far, are simply spectacular.

Unfortunately, there’s only one episode of Unexpectedness that’s subbed in English.  I supposed it’s quite difficult to translate humours that are aimed at the local and overseas Chinese audiences.  This English-subbed episode is a bit of a satire on the Chinese education system.


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