Typos – Indication of a Creative Writer?

Typo is one of my worst enemies in the realm of writing.  I can never catch them all.  Sometimes, I would even miss a whole word or phrase in a sentence, making myself seem less than intelligent.  However, there are typo experts out there such as Tom Stafford who has kindly explained that typo is not an indication of below-par intelligence.  In fact, it’s the opposite.  Apparently, those of us who are prone to typos are idea-orientated people and sometimes because we think so fast that our fingers are not up to speed with our thoughts.  With this finding in mind, it might be possible that some of the most creative writers out there are the ones with the most typos in their writing. Heh.

All the while, I’m just glad to find out that having typos every now and then does not mean that I’m less than intelligent. =/


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