A Somewhat Dangerous Obsession – TFBOYS

TFBOYS (aka The Fighting Boys  — how the heck do these Chinese entertainment companies come up with these kind of “creative” names??  Well, at least it’s still better than HIT-5’s name >.>) is probably the youngest idol group debuted up to date in the mainland Chinese entertainment market.  The boys are born in the new millennium and before their debut, they have trained since they were at the age of five or six.  Contrary to the popular belief that this idol group is a replica of the popular K-pop idol group, EXO, this group is actually a tribute to the popular Taiwanese idol group of the late 80s to the mid 90s, Xiao Hu Dui.  Actually, I don’t really get this whole “fandom war” going on amongst the Chinese EXO and TFBoys fans because the two groups have totally different concepts.  Also, I’m not sure if it’s the fan war with the EXO fans that caused it or just because of TFBoys’ concept (ie. some people see them as the Chinese version of One Direction or Justin Bieber…but this perspective pretty much could be applied to any male idol groups of the East-Asian countries) , but this idol group has quite a bit anti-fans.  Usually, the anti-fans situation is more common amongst female idol groups (because in the eyes of obsessed fan girls, these female idols are vixens trying to seduce their oppas).  Unfortunately, these boys’ fans are usually young and naive enough to take the troll baits and thus, the fandom war continues.  Other than the anti-fans, they have quite a squeaky-clean image (well, they should at this age — I’d be worried if they didn’t @_@).

Karry Wang (Wang Junkai), born in 1999, is the leader, main rapper, and visual of the group.

Karry Wang (Wang Junkai), born in 1999, is the leader, main rapper, and visual of the group.  His stage presence is quite charismatic.

Roy Wang (Wang Yuan), born in 2000, is the vocal of the group. He tends to act cute a lot.

Roy Wang (Wang Yuan), born in 2000, is the vocal of the group. The designated member of the group to act cute.  >.>  It’s a good thing that he is already such a cutie, otherwise his antics could come off as rather awkward at times.  The chatterbox of the group, and so, he becomes the “unofficial” mc of the group.

Jackson Yi (Yi-Yang QianXi), born in 2000, is the youngest in the group (just younger than Wang Yuan by exactly 20 days). Although he is the youngest, he probably has the most experience in performing. Even though he is the designated dancer of the group, his vocal ability is quite impressive as well. My ultimate bias in the group. ^^

Jackson Yi (Yi-Yang QianXi), born in 2000, is the youngest in the group (just younger than Wang Yuan by exactly 20 days). Although he is the youngest, he probably has the most experience in performing (though, I find him rather stiff at times…hm…). Even though he is the designated dancer of the group, his vocal ability is quite impressive as well. He doesn’t seem to smile often during interviews, but when he does, it totally melts any noona’s heart.  The boy genius.  My ultimate bias in the group. ^^

Like many of the noona clover fans out there , besides the potential danger of being labelled as a “pedobear” (even though we’re not — seriously!!  @@), I think it’s quite heart-warming and strangely satisfying to watch over these boys as they grow up each year, making better and better achievements in the entertainment industry without losing their boyish innocence.  I’m also glad that their managing company is concerned about their school and personal life (such as the need to give them space to grow up, more or less, like normal teenage boys) and so most of their activities takes place during the summer break.  During school days, they are obligated to study well and like always, be good role models to the younger kids.  It’s no wonder their fan base is growing at an exponential rate each year since their debut.  Well, to be fair, the growth rate of their fan base has much to do with their management company taking advantage of social media tools such as YouTube, Facebook, and etc.

The "official" name for the group's fan club is called Clovers.

The official name for the group’s fan club is called the “Four-leaf Clovers”.

The group motto is: "Walking with you through each decade". I believe there was an alternate motto, "miracle after ten years", which alludes to their debut year in 2013.

The group motto is: “Walking with you through each decade”. I believe there was an alternate motto, “miracle in ten years”, which alluded to the time between their debut year in 2013 to 2023 when they would become adults.

The TF Family is kind of the Chinese version of "The Mickey Mouse Club".

The TF Family is kind of like the Chinese version of “The Mickey Mouse Club”.

As these boys are in still in puberty, voice changing and difficult in vocal control are inevitable.  However, I think with even these factors taken into account, they are doing pretty well.  For example, the following are just some of their individual performance showcasing their vocal ability (all are cover songs):

Jackson Yi:

A song that he sang, dedicated to his baby brother.

Karry Wang:

Ugh…YouTube removed these videos.  Go YouTube for his solos, clovers!

Roy Wang:

Now, for some group activities (the group’s own songs):

1) The main of their 2014 (second) mini-album.  The title is roughly translated as “The Youth Manual”.

2) Part of their 2014 mini-album as well, called “Lucky Symbol”.

3) Their debut song, I believe, “Heart”.

4) Part of their first mini-album “Love, Go”.

5) Their 2015 New Year performance.  This would give an indication of their stage performance up to date.  They did a few performances in this video.

As a noona fan, unfortunately I would have to wait until they mature a bit in order to for them to have a more mature musical concept (aka not nursery rhymes).

This picture is here just to piss off both fandoms. ^^

This picture is here just to piss off both fandoms. ^^


17 thoughts on “A Somewhat Dangerous Obsession – TFBOYS

  1. OMG I so agree with u except for the fact that Im not a noona fan but a younger fan. XD They r so cute and innocent (except maybe JunKai as he can sometimes be a bit perverted if u noe wat i mean XD) and QianXi is so cute! Hes not my bias but still… and keep posting i guess!

    Liked by 1 person

    • Omg what do you mean by karry being a little bit perverted? Did you catch him doing something? I need your stories here if you dont mind XD


  2. Hahaha omg I love your title because it’s so true. I’m also a big sistar fan so I feel like we have similar thoughts on them. And the same reactions from others, thinking we’re some sorta pedobear. But that’s not how I’m seeing them, I’m seeing them as more of a little brothers and watching them grow and seeing their accomplishments and it makes me proud. Hahaha. One hard thing for me is that I can’t read chinese so I feel like I’m soo out of the loop in news and fan clubs and such. Feel free to check out my blog post on them we have pretty similar point of views.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Woohoo!! YES!! Another big sister fan besides me~~ ^^ Yea, I just checked out your blog and it’s awesome. Thanks for letting me know, and I agree that we seem to have similar views (& even interests lol) I think I’ll bookmark it from now on. =D


      • HAHA..woot!! =) Really? What other interests do you have? I was working so I didn’t really look through your whole page but I saw that you wrote fanfics. Hehe. Thanks! =)

        Liked by 1 person

      • Yep, writing fanfics is certainly one of my interests. Others include East-Asian drama/variety shows watching/criticism. ^^” I’m also a big fan of different cultures/languages. Right now, I’m fluent in Chinese, but I hope that I can brush up my Japanese someday and get my Korean basics right so that I can watch shows without subs! XD So, kinda like you, I hope to be fluent in all 3 of these East Asian languages. haha…oh btw, you got any bias in the TFBoys?


  3. The Exo and Tfboys fans are fighting because the Exo fans believe that the Exo music video that they did in, miracles in December, was plagerized by the Tfboys music video, young, that they made in 2015. But it’s not plagerisem because the director or someone cleared the matter. This “plagerisem”, caused an uproar between the fans. A fan even posted pictures to show the similarities of the two music videos. Frankly, I don’t think so, because if the Tfboys did plagerize, they would have put their career at risk, and be sued ( most likely ). But everyone has their opinions.

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  4. If you don’t mind me critiquing you a little, first of all, you’re surprisingly clueless for a clover… Not to mention a bad translator.. No offense. The promise of ten years is on YouTube,
    goodness sakes. It’s a promise to themselves, as well as the clovers. It translates to:

    If ten years had gone by ten years when you open your eyes,
    What kind of person do you wish to become?
    If time had gone backwards ten when you open your eyes,
    What do you wish you would do?

    If there was a shortcut to your dreams,
    The name of this shortcut must be perseverance.

    I thought,
    If I continue something from the age of eight,
    Then when I become eighteen, will I have persevered ten years?
    From the age of Eighteen to twenty eight,
    And eight to eighteen,
    Both are ten years.
    Even if ten years later we have not accomplished our dream,
    We will still be 10 years closer to our dream.

    Basically, they made a promise to themselves and their fans that they wouldn’t split up until 10 years later. The walking with you through each decade is actually more of the clovers’ motto! It means that we will face every decade with them even if they decide to split up after the promise of ten years. It also means that they will face all their difficulties together even after they split up.

    Also, Jackson is the only one who started at the age of 5… Karry started at the age of 11… Roy started even later than Karry.. But they’re starring in a Web drama coming out in 2 days, you should be there. It’s called lost soul. On letv platform only, find it in the play store. I do if it’s on ios. Probably is. Besides that, they have other mature songs, you know. Also, don’t you think it’s anti fan like to compare their music to a nursery rhyme? I mean, check out young, the leftover midsummer, and imperfect child first! Plus, it’s nice to see people like them on the stage. Gives me hope for a future where kids have a voice in the world.

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    • I am quite clueless as a clover since I’m more of a casual fan. ^^ I’m just happy enough that my post garners even a bit more attention to these talented boys. And yes, I am an absolutely horrible translator. Thanks for taking the time to clarify things for all clovers and potential clovers out there!

      PS: Also, please dear, for a non-entertainment blog, you got to cut me some slacks here. =/


  5. Is there a blog about full TFBoys in English? I learn Chinese but actually i am Turkish and there is no good Turkish fanpage for them 😦 Because im fluent in English, all i can do is watching their videos and reading news in English TT
    Oh and i am 00er but im older than Jackroy by month bcz i was born in July hahaha and i hope u write more fanfics about them ^^ I ship Kaiyuan and it will be perfect if you write fic about them haha


  6. I’m a new fan of tfboys. I also watched majority of their videos including the solo ones. When I watched Little Karry sings the Caged Bird, I’m so amazed that I played the song all night. Such little kid can sing that well…


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