A Beginning Worse than Trash TV: Ultra Rich Asian Girls of Vancouver

I’m not used to making “Holiday Greetings” posts.  In fact, I think it’s a complete waste of time in that holiday greeting posts do not contain, or at least rarely, any actual content that could remotely perk the interest of others (aka “mind-simulating”).  Making a post around New Year’s Eve (or maybe New Year’s Day for some of you already) is the closest holiday greeting that I can offer.  Okay, moving on.

Since last summer (around June 2013), I have been anticipating the Vancouver reality show, Ultra Rich Asian Girls of Vancouver, that focuses on the lives of the rich second generation Chinese girls who reside in Vancouver, the place I have grown up in.  When I was attending university, I met a lot of the “rich second generation Chinese” for the first time.  I think it was due to the fact that I was a business major because otherwise I probably wouldn’t be able to meet so many of these rich people (yea, most rich Chinese tend to study business…you’ll rarely catch one studying history or philosophy unless if it’s an easy, elective credit course).  At least my brother who studied in the social science and arts majors (he’s a double-major in stuff…stuff that won’t guarantee a job post graduation) didn’t meet many Chinese (let alone rich Chinese) at all.  It was definitely a culture shock at first because their views are quite different from the general public in terms of getting the most value out of their money.  Some could easily drive different, “cool” vehicles to school each week.  Therefore, when the reality show finally broadcast, I was so eager to see how much money they would burn up and where would they burn it.

The four "Princesses" of the show - CocoParis Wang, Florence Zhao, Chelsea Jiang, and Joy Li (from left to right).

The four “Princesses” of the show – CocoParis Wang, Florence Zhao, Chelsea Jiang, and Joy Li (from left to right).

Boy, was I wrong.  The earlier few episodes were a huge let down.  Most of the activities the “rich” girls did and the places they went were not exclusive at all.  In fact, any working class singles could have easily visited those places any day at almost any time during the week.

Right away, I knew this was going to be worse than the Maury Show and the Jerry Springer Show.  However, I still keep coming back to it week after week just to see how much these girls failed and cringed at their own reactions.  This youtuber describes this show perfectly:

YT comment

This is a reality show in which the YouTube comments at the bottom of the video are even more interesting than the show itself at times.

That was until the Italy trip.  From that point on, a few of them are finally confirmed “rich”.  However, suddenly it turned into the “CocoParis Show” – or more precisely, the “us mainland Chinese, let’s bully them Taiwanese show”.  Yea…unfortunately, it turned a bit political in the most awkwardest sense.  The good thing, though, is that there was finally some cat fights going on and the whole thing is becoming more and more like the trash TV entertainment it supposed to be.  If the producer, Kevin Li, continues this way for (the potential) Season Two, then I’ll definitely be back and watch it in front of my computer screen, especially if Chelsea Jiang will be in Season Two because she’s funny as hell on the show.  Finally, another good thing about this show is that there’s no script, as addressed by Chelsea Jiang for The Province, a Vancouver newspaper company.


3 thoughts on “A Beginning Worse than Trash TV: Ultra Rich Asian Girls of Vancouver

    • I don’t know her (or any of these girls) since I’m just a regular viewer, so I can’t make any comment. However, I think it’s best to avoid making such an accusation…after all, we are all just outsiders and despite their on-screen personas, they are still young and still have a whole life ahead of them.


  1. Lol ur first paragraph is so funny. While the rich i have known here is usually low profile and not as what you describe. Drive big car and all that. You can even tell. The only car they drove to school is bmw and mercedez and jeep. Lets forget all about those luxury car. The maintaintance is just too insane. I would rather spend the money wisely. Like i dream of having a luxury car too. But one is enough. Hypocrite much!😂 anyway what i believe worthwhile is spend the money to get money back. Lol. They dont need fancy living to be rich. They just know they will have no problem driving the life they wants. Haha! This aint kim kardashian really. They are celebrity. Different kind of light. And who said art major cant make a profit out of it..almost everything is an art. Talking to ppl is an art. Writing is an art. Matter of how influences someone takes something into. Studying business doesnt make one richer if ones didnt know how to utilize it practically.


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