Fanfic Interview Series – Transmigratory, the Animated Writer: Part III (Final)

Another drabble from Transmigratory.  A kind reminder:  please join the HitsuRuki army.  Okay, that has nothing to do with this drabble.  Moving on~

Sky’s the Limit

If I reached out…  a little bit more…


Would I be able to see that blue, blue sky?…


“… … …” The boy wearily opened his eyes, taking in his surroundings only to find that he couldn’t see anything.  It was pitch black, as if his eyes were still closed or he was still in a void dream.


He focused on his other senses, in which he heard vibrant, loud drops of water which echoed from every corner.  There was the sound of running water too, and it sounded like he was right next to it.


He moved his hands around, feeling the area surrounding him.  Soft and thin… It was probably the blanket he had been using, he decided, moving on to feel his pillow — which was non-existent.  The floor was hard like concrete, and a thin veil of water coated it due to the humid atmosphere.


He sniffed, trying to figure out the stench lingering in the air.  It was… blood?  No, it was the smell of rusty copper, although they both generally smelled the same.  His hands, after feeling around, hopelessly went back to his side.


He knew where he was.


The sewers.


Memories flooded back into him, shaking him out of his sleepy trance and triggering the light bulb in his head.  It had been a month since he was abandoned here.  His parents… he didn’t understand why, but they left him to live in this manhole.  Since then, his world hadn’t been the same, mentally and physically.


A sigh escaped through the bruised lips.


“You awake?” There was the sound of shuffling paper to his right.  The person’s voice was groggily and he figured it was because that person had just woken up as well.


“Yeah.”  He was looking down at his lap, his eyes began adjusting to the dimly lit area so he could see a bit more than before, and to test this, he stretched his hands out in front of him with a stoic expression.


“Where are we?” The boy beside him asked.


“The sewers.” He replied.



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