Fanfic Interview Series – Transmigratory, the Animated Writer: Part II

Transmigratory has kindly provided me with two drabbles (though they were for another reason) that I believe it would be perfect to fit with this interview.   However, choosing which one to feature was a difficult decision because I like both equally well, but each in its own ways.  So, what am I going to do?  I’m going to be a liar this time and turn this into a three-parts interview instead, with part two and three featuring the two drabbles.  Okay, without further ado, this following is a drabble with regards to Soul Eater, the anime/manga, titled Soul x Maka.  Enjoy!

Soul x Maka

Fighting was just like dancing for them.  Like when Maka would occasionally visit Soul’s mind for a dance or two, with Soul leading her most of the way.  He would pace them to a slow, comfortable tempo in order to match Maka’s clumsy skills and she wouldn’t object.

Their teamwork was matchless.  Not even Black*Star or Kid could match up to their soul resonance levels when they got down to it.  They could read other’s thoughts almost all the time, each would try to appease the other’s desires.

Even their feelings were alike.  But they wouldn’t let anyone know — they couldn’t let each other know.  In fear of how Maka might be affected in Soul’s case, and as for Maka, a traumatizing past that kept her from it.  They couldn’t break what they had now.

No matter how much they wanted it.


“Maka, behind you!” Soul yelled in his scythe form.  There was a late response as she tried to back away from the ghoul.  Its long claws barely scratched her face and she leapt back, her feet rubbing against the dirt as the handle of Soul pressed into the ground to keep her from sliding.
Maka huffed.  They usually finished a battle in one hit and quickly, without much of a fight.  This creature, however, was continually dodging every attack she’d attempted.  Strange, because it looked slow.  With its wide body covered in rotten flesh and it’s hunched back, making it seem hard to move, she hadn’t been expecting much.  But it was just the opposite.  It was fast.  Its speed was almost comparable to Medusa, the snake user.

It stood still for a while, as if waiting for Maka to charge at him.  She wouldn’t, because she knew much better.  It must have been planning something.  They had a staring contest, although she couldn’t tell if it had eyes or not, because his eyes — from what she could see from the mask– were black voids.

It went first, speedily bolting for Maka.  Its long fingers were extended, emphasizing its nail’s long length.  She smirked, it fell right into her trap.  She moved the scythe behind her, timing her swing.  Not yet… almost… now!  Soul was dramatically swung forward at an incredible speed.

It flew backwards, twitched a bit and stayed still.  They watched for a couple of seconds, waiting in a battle stance in case it suddenly decided to wake up.  However it hadn’t, and a soul appeared in its place.  Maka wiped her sweat off with her sleeve and sighed in satisfaction.

“Mission accomplished.”

“I have to admit, that timing was pretty cool.” Soul smirked as he went over to the glowing orb, tilting his head back and devouring the soul.  He clasped his hands together.  “Thank you for the meal.”

“Say, Soul.” Maka went to his motorcycle, climbing in the back.  “That ghoul seemed a bit… different. Did you notice anything?”

“Hah?” Soul asked, going to the front of his awesome bike.  He turned it on, and they began heading back to DWMA.  “It was like any other creature we’ve fought. Nothing a cool guy like me couldn’t handle.”
She rolled her eyes.  “I’m being serious. There was something about it…”

“It looked weird?” He dead-panned.

“No, something else,” she frowned in thought.  “When I was using soul perception, it… the wavelength looked the same, but it was weird. It wasn’t a common shape.  I’ve never seen anything like that before.”

“Probably one of those rare souls, like yours, the grigori soul.” He suggested.

Soul Eater - Soul & Maka

Soul Eater – Soul & Maka


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