Bii – The Perfect Blend of C-Pop & K-Pop

Maybe it’s the holiday season in me that dictates the bombarding of C-pop posts…Okay, I’ll just blame it on the holiday season. =]  This C-pop post dedicates to Bii – the half-Taiwanese & Korean singer.  Aha, at least I’m not talking about male idol group this time.  He’s one of my favourite Chinese ballad singer (the other one is Eason Chan – coincidentally one of Bii’s musical influence).

Bii - full name is Bi Shujin (or Pil Seojin in Korean)

Bii – full name is Bi Shujin (or Pil Seojin in Korean)

His childhood is typical of that of a mixed kid in an Asian country (despite that he is full Asian).  In South Korea, he was referred to as a foreigner and had to suffer from high tuition fees (because his father is Taiwanese and his mother is Korean).  In Taiwan, he is that “cute” foreigner who would probably mispronounce words if he is required to talk more than five minutes.  Despite of the challenges he encountered while growing up, he finally got his big break when one of the top music company signed with him in 2006.  He is known to utilize his multi-lingual background (Chinese, Korean, and English) when composing songs.  The result is amazing.

The following are some songs composed (melody & lyric) by himself.  Enjoy!

1) Totally showing off his language skills…Chinese, Korean, and English all in one song.

And just the full Korean version:

2) The song he wrote for his high school girlfriend who committed suicide due to high pressure of having to take care of her grandmother & brother all by herself (both of her parents died early).

3) This song is one of his latest “experiment” because it seems so different from his previous creations.

4) His eyes always seem girly to me…but this mv really seems to emphasize that with thicker eyeliner.  I believe anyone can understand the meaning of this song somewhat even if can’t understand the language.

5) He is such a rebel, mixing Chinese, Korean, English, AND Taiwanese this time.  Like no. 3, this seems like another “experiment” to him.  I think it’s due to the language factor, this became one of the representative songs for his 2014 album.

Okay, just a few more songs that I particularly like sang him, but not composed by him (though the Korean lyrics are obviously written by him).

1) A duet with his label mate, Andrew Tan (Chen Shian)

2) An OST from the Taiwanese drama, What is Love in which I have never bothered to finish with the last episode.

3) A total K-pop song.

4) Another Korean song from him.

Probably going to annoy the world with a couple more C-pop fangirl posts in the near future.


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