To Move One’s Self First

There has been a time when I write while being detached entirely to the plot and characters of a story.  Yet, readers still seem to buy it even when I don’t.  Though, detachment is not really doing anyone any favour in the end.  The readers are reading a sub-par story blindly while the writer is killing his or her own creativity and humanity.

It could too personal for comfort at times, but I believe it is always best to move one’s self first with his or her writing before intending to move others.  Well hey, writing is personal anyways, so there should really be no complain in the first place.  Amazing results would definitely be ensured if one could actually laugh, cry, get scared, become anxious, experience heart-fluttering moments and etc. at his or her own work.

I occasionally have got up from my afternoon naps and started writing stories and drabbles inspired by my dreams.  The pieces of works were literally done anywhere from 20 minutes to a few short hours, and the outcomes were definitely stunning (even I did no proof-reading at all).  Readers were more likely touched by these “rushed” writings (I tend to write angst type of stories with such sleeping beauty-style inspirations) than the ones I have been planning in the most rational & detached manner possible (trying to be objective with my own stories) and writing for months.  So in sum, if one doesn’t feel any anticipation for his or her story at all, then he or she better tries to take a nap first.  Heh.


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