The Peak of a Fanfic (Teenage) Writer

This is the book cover when I first discovered the story by KL Going. It was a newly published novel at the time when I first read it. Yes, I was totally a hipster, ahead of the trend.

Whenever I review a fanfic writer’s work, I would instantly & correctly notice that the writer happens to be a fantastic teenage writer in her senior year of high school (probably an A+ student in English class).  The following traits are a dead give away (all traits have to be presented):

1) The story in first person point of view

2) It is written entirely in present tense

3) Bromance is strongly presented (okay, I lied.  This is optional.)

Overall, it’s almost a replica of KL Going’s Fat Kid Rules the World.  Whenever I find a writer that writes this way, I know that this is the crucial turning point in the writer’s writing and storytelling ability.  This period could either be her peak point in her entire writing career and that she would probably never look back again for the rest of her life.  Or, this could be just a wall to climb over and she would be on her way to create even better and captivating stories in the future.  Just how to I know all this?  Because I was once that fantastic teenage writer too, thinking that Fat Kid Rules the World is the bible of all bibles in terms of writing style.  I thought if I can write this way, then I am just that one step closer to conquering the world with my words.



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