Hit-5 – A Short Tribute


I like EXO, but I’m not a hardcore fan by any stretch of imagination.  I like the fact that there are so many of them, so whenever I’m tired of one, I’ll just move on to fangirling the next member of the group.  However, taking a break from the K-pop scene recently and indulge myself with C-pop again, I realized that my “like” for EXO would never equal to even a tenth of my “like” for Hit-5, a C-pop idol boy group debuted in 2008.  With the exception of the group’s name (which actually means 5 Handsome Idol Teenagers – darn the chinglish!), here are the reasons why I like Hit-5 more (inevitably, there would be some comparisons made to EXO – okay sasaeng, go ahead and hate on me this time, just don’t try to come to my house because I will call the police on you crazy lot):

1) The 5 Handsome Idol Teenagers *cringing badly* are certainly handsome as there are literally no dead weight in the group.  Each is stunning and handsome in his own way (none of that EXO Chen’s square jaw nor Suho’s quite forgettable try-hard face).  The rest of EXO’s members are each charming in his own way, but can’t be called perfectly handsome visually-wise.

Please note that this is probably the style from back in 2008, so obviously long hair was still a thing.

Please note that this is probably the style from back in 2008, so obviously long hair was still a thing.


Yes, I’m aware there’s a Sehun look-alike here….Or rather, Sehun looks a lot like Evan Yang (aka Yang Fan). Evan happens to be Luhan’s friend as well. So, I supposed Luhan’s taste in friends IS very specific.

I just love Guo Ziyu's blond ponytail.

I just love Guo Ziyu’s blond ponytail.

2) HIT-5 seems more mature (their aura) even since their earlier debut days, I don’t see any of that “bromance near yaoi” bs.  Maybe bromance-yaoi is a thing with typical South Korean boy groups, but definitely not with HIT-5.

3) There’s no hit-or-miss kind of thing going on with HIT-5’s music as with EXO’s factory (assembly-line) made music.  The group’s music quality is quite consistent.  Sure, other people produced HIT-5’s music too, but it just seems this group’s style is more consistently good and not like one-hit wonders like Growl & Overdose.

4) No big controversy going on even when a member left to pursue his personal interest.  In fact, each of the HIT-5 went their own way too after their leader left.  They all seem very supportive of each others.  Their managing company is certainly not suing anyone over anything nor forcing any stupid PR to take place, unlike SM Entertainment.  >.> Seriously, SM Entertainment, it’s about time for you to get your shit together.

Though, as much as I like HIT-5 and am disappointed that they are now disbanded, I just wish that they would all come back and collaborate together one day and show an even more mature and manly image for me to fangirl about.  I also hope that they would change the group’s name, because I can seriously do without that.


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