Top Five Plot Clichés at AFF

Okay, this is totally from the top of my head, without any hardcore statistical evidence (totally just based on my personal experience as a reviewer, a reader, and a total loser on a Friday night scrolling down the AFF page just for the heck of it).  Here are the top five story plots you would most likely to come across on AFF (except for No. 1, the rest are not in any particular order):

1) Arranged Marriage – the number of homosexual arranged marriages is just as high as the number of heterosexual arranged marriages.  Yea, sure.  That’s just how Asian parents roll.

2) In Love with the Best Friend – It’s usually the girl who has a crush on her best friend that happens to be one of the most popular and desirable boys at school.  The girl is a total “geek” plus “nerd”.

3) Pretended Girlfriend or Boyfriend – “Oh no!  How did I end up falling for you for real?!”  Usually there is a love-hate relationship involved.

4) Harem or Reversed Harem – Heterosexual type of harem does happen on rare occasions.  However, homosexual harem and reversed harem (one girl versus many guys) are move prevalent in the culture of Asian fanfictions.  Usually, that girl or guy just has that special something that attracts virtually everybody.

5) Cinderella Syndrome – A love story between the rich and the poor.  Usually the rich is arrogant and spoiled.  Meanwhile, the poor is headstrong and has too much backbones.

Ah…yes, they’re all love stories.  My heart is definitely warmed up now.

These plots are freakin’ clichés, but if you really feel the urge to write one of these plots, go ahead by all means.  It’s always good to get things (assuming NOT dangerous) out of your system.  And who knows, maybe your cliché fanfic will end up to be very popular (I can almost bet my money on this).  Doesn’t matter if it’s a cliché plot, just as long as it sells.


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