The World’s Longest Fanfiction

When my brother first told me about the world’s longest fanfiction, I was completely shocked.  Then, the phrase “anything is possible” comes to mind.

Apparently when AuraChannelerChris of first started his Super Smash Brothers fanfic (yes, Super Smash Brothers….it is still a bit mind-boggling to me) titled The Subspace Emissary’s Worlds Conquest, he intended to improve his English writing skills.  Right now, the word count for the fanfic is at about 3.9 million words, whereas JK Rowling’s total word count for the Harry Potter series is only at about 1.1 million words.  Even his author’s profile is at about 10,000 words.  Keep writing and he would probably get his due paid through breaking the world record.

I have no word for this greatness...

I have no word for this greatness…

If one was to read through this entire fanfic (or just skim through the first & last updated chapter of the fanfic), he might not see any writing improvement at all.  However, to be fair, this could be due to the fact (for some writers) that once the tone & writing style are set for the story, it is not as easy to change it midway through the story (most of the time, it could even break the flow of the story).  Instead, I believe a better indicator to see if there’s any writing improvement is to check the author’s other stories that he wrote after the initial story (the Super Smash Brothers fanfic, in this case).

Super Smash Brothers…I got to applaud this man.  @__@


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