Biggest Influences

Just a list of my biggest influences when it comes to writing…& things I always go back to when I experience a writer’s block or hitting the low points in life :

1) The Fountainhead by Ayn Rand – I was sixteen when I first read this book.  Love that each word, each sentence, and each paragraph actually adds something to the story.  None of the words on the pages are unnecessary.  Love the way the characters are alive and breathing just like you and I do.  I think this was the only book that I tried to buy so desperately (after reading a borrowed copy from the library) when I was a dirt-poor teenager & finally got to buy after I got my first part-time job. No, I don’t care about the book’s philosophy…I just like the writing, the characters, and the story.

2) The Gift of Fear by Gavin de Becker –  This non-fiction book was one of my greatest discoveries in a second-hand shop.  Sure, this is a self-help book, but I believe it has taught me more than “stranger danger”.  From this book, I learn to let my subconscious to take over.  I learn that we have to find a common ground with people that are seemingly far-fetch from our every day life (in order to survive when & if the time shall come to find ourselves facing a psychopath).  I learn so much about the darker side of human nature, which has helped to make some of my writings more realistic.

3) Stand by Me (1989) directed by Rob Reiner – Friendship, youth, nostalgia, struggles, slice-of-life…elements that I tend to have in my writings

4) Music from my teenage era such as: Red Hot Chili Peppers, The Fray, Green Day, My Chemical Romance, and a bunch of 90s pop music


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