Some people begin their story with an impeccable outline, while some just like to run freely with the main idea in their mind.  I have tried both methods, and I’m guilty of preferring the latter, as dangerous as it sounds.  Why, oh why?  Here’s why:

With an Outline

No major writer’s block, and if it’s detailed enough, then no writer’s block at all.  Usually, everything is all dandy and well in the beginning.  However, as I’m move towards to the midway point of the story, I begin to feel as though I’m trying to finish a god damn essay.  Then suddenly, even the readers’ comments sound as if they are really professors asking and reminding me when the paper is due.  I need a heavier dosage of music to keep me going (turning me into a crazy music addict).  The worst of all is that by the time I finish the story, I feel as though the entire thing is below par, without soul…a god damn, structured research paper that meant was to play safe.  Well, at least I met the deadline, which is nice.

No Outline…No Law (well, kind of)

I recently started a horror/fantasy/psychological fanfic (another way of saying the story is a total wacko) just with an idea in mind and started writing it without any outline whatsoever.  Though it does take some time to write each chapter, but the result thus far differs stunningly from the story with an outline.  From the writing style to the plot and character development.  I believe it has to do with the fact that I’m not trying to make things happen or trying to go from A to B within certain parameters & time constrain.  There’s a lot more freedom in letting events happen naturally and letting the characters to speak for themselves.  One of the many perks of an organic process, I supposed.  Though, probably the readers will suffer a bit here, since I tend to update whenever the heck I want with such organic stories.


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