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I’ll be meaning to write a post about this and other stuff, but exams & job-hunting got in the way.  Which by the way, nepotism is still very much prevalent in the job market at the moment, so for someone like me without much connections (& my peers are starting out just like me), I’ll just have to suck it up and keep searching.  Hm…though the world is definitely changing as much as the perception of fanfic writers…I am beginning to wonder if employers would actually accept skills acquired from hobbies such as fanfic writing someday (if so, then I’ll have more than three pages worth of resume lol – the entirety of the third page shall be solely devoted to fanfic ).  Okay, let’s move on with the main topic of the day – Asianfanfics and | unleash your imagination (within the parameters)

"One of the four dark corners of the internet."

“One of the four dark corners of the internet.”

I’ll start will this one first simply because soon after I graduated from, this was my next virtual hangout place during my prime teenage years (as the YuGiHo! abridged series put it, this is one of the dark corners of the internet >.>…whatever.) .  What I noticed throughout the years:

1) Proper grammar & spelling are only the very basic to garner at least some readerships.  Of course, the stories with the most popularity are no doubt very well-written and definitely ingenious in terms of plot, imageries, and character design & development.  And yes, some are even better than the published novels out there.

2)  Writers and readers alike are more focus with the writing and actual plot of the story.  They don’t really settle for Mary-sues and Gary-stus.  Only first time fanfic writers would settle for those.

3) A major flaw (or perhaps should be seen as a challenge instead) is that writers would have to work with the parameters set by the original writers of the stories (be it an actual novel, anime, TV show, etc.).  If not, then they would get called out for writing certain characters out-of-character and the world in general is too familiar to them.  For example, most people would be more likely to read a Harry Potter fanfic that is more aligned with actual Harry Potter world created by JK Rowling than a Dragon Ball Z type of world.  Okay, I exaggerated, but you get my drift.  Anyways, I have seen some fanfic writers that are very talented to work within the parameters that they might as well become ghost writers and publish those ideas as spin-offs to the original.

4) I tend to find fanfic writers and readers are more patient than other fanfic enthusiasts of other fanfic communities.  It seems that there’s a mutual understanding that it takes time to craft a decent story and so, there’s less pestering for updates and more constructive criticisms instead.  Writers usually don’t seem to mind about popularity of their stories either.  They actually write because they are passionate about writing a good story.


Should almost just be renamed as "South Korean" fanfics

Should almost just be renamed as “South Korean” fanfics

1) Unlike, good writing and plot do not equal a high amount of readership.  In fact, the story can have as much Mary-sues as one can possibly write and the plot can be as cliché & cringe-worthy as possible, and the story can still be highly popular with comments pestering “author-nim” to “update~~ kya~~~UPdAtE SoOn!”  Seriously, not kidding.  This is possible because of a couple of reasons (of course, there might be more): 1) abuse of the karma point system to advertise their below par stories 2) cliché love stories, believe it or not, are still very popular among the teenage girls, especially if it concerns their favourite oppas (ie. EXO)

2) Of course, there are still a lot of well-written stories out there (popular or not), just that readers would have to go through the site’s terrible story tag system plus having to actual blindfold one’s self to the upvote/subscriber system in order to judge the story fairly.

3) It’s a fanfic community for sharing fanfics about Asian celebrities, right?  Well, you won’t see much other Asian celebrities (ie. China, Japan, Taiwan, Southeast Asia) except for South Korea!  Well, they are the trend of the youth today.

4)  However, unlike, Asianfanfics doesn’t just cater to fanfic writers.  Graphic designers, beta-readers (future editors), and reviewers (critics) are also inclusive in the fanfic community.  I think this is definitely a good thing because it serves as a platform for other talented teenagers (or not) to put their skills into practice and to start building a portfolio.  For example, I got this beautiful poster for one of my fanfic stories from PINK PASTEL PEACH . A SWEET PORTFOLIO:

An Irreversible Trade-off_Poster

Honestly, there are still so many good & bad points about both fanfic communities, but I’ll leave that for next time.

*Edit: because of horrible typos.


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