The Backstage Crew Perspective

Lights, Camera, Action!

Whenever I watch a show or movie, I might be captivated by the actors’ performance.  However, deep in my heart, I know I admire and respect the backstage crew the most for putting the majority of the hardwork together the most.  The actors are the passive, spongy children that keep taking in information in order to make their characters come alive.  The backstage crew (ie. from the script writer, director, to the cameraman, and etc.)are the proactive, nurturing parents that ensure the final product would turn out right.  Okay…seems like  I should leave making analogies for awhile.

Anyways, my admiration and respect towards the backstage crew aren’t just words on the surface; I actually try to employ the backstage crew practice into my writing.  From the early stage of the production, I am a scriptwriter making a rough outline.  Once the storyboard gets the “OK” from the producer (me again), then I become the casting director looking for the right actors & actresses to play the roles (ah, one of the fun points of writing fanfics).  Now that I have my story and people, I am the director, the cameraman, the lighting crew, the special effect guy, the make-up artist, and heck, even the film editor.  I dictate and only take shots of scenes that I want to convey to my audience.  I ensure the lighting is just right so that my audience can’t make out the features completely of the ghost hiding in the darkness (if it’s a horror film).  I yell at the idiot who’s standing with his back to the camera when he isn’t supposed to.  Of course, I try to provide my actors as much artistic freedom as possible and try to mediate any potential conflicts between the actors (or better yet, let the devil run free) – okay, I’m actually the actors too.  Finally, I’m the producer marketing and promoting my film like no tomorrow!


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