Review Shops

Recently, I find myself addicted to engage with the activities of review shops (fanfic-specific).  This addiction seems more prevalent around exam times.  I am no stranger to reviewing others’ work on a daily basis, from academic papers to various documents at work.  Ah yes, I definitely have reviewed fanfics before too.  Maybe around 7 to 8 years ago?

The fun and benefits about reviewing fanfic:

– It’s a way to improve myself as a writer.  There’s the idea that a person learns the most when she is teaching others.

-Decent to good writers tend to want their work reviewed, so I usually get to read interesting stories

-Most fanfic writers are teenagers in their prime writing time, so their stories are highly creative (most of the time)

-An intelligent debate with the author after the review is always fun

-A good way to spend my time procrastinating when I should be studying for my exam

Though, there are some not-so-fun moments:

-When I encounter a bad writer (bad grammar, cringe-worthy plots & characters, and worst of all, long chapters), I struggle (a bit) between saving that author’s last ounce of dignity versus keeping the integrity of my review on the work.

-Sometimes, I just have to review stories that I wouldn’t even give a second glance any other day.  Though, I’ll take this as a challenge to test my patience.

-Some of the terrible, sore-loser reactions from the bad apples after the review.  Which brings me to this point:  I’m all good for an intelligent, civil debate at any time.  So seriously, there’s no need to flame me senselessly.

All in all, the fanfic review scene is certainly exciting, but one must never get too engrossed with the activity especially if she still needs to update her stories and devote a significant amount to time to job-hunting.  Like me, heh. ^___^”


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